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Purchase and Treatment Policies:

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Millennium Training Center

Contact: Jill A. Yerger

Phone:  602.510.2141


EquiPulse devices are magnetic pulse generators. Registration by the  FDA in the USA is applied for, but not yet granted.  They are not for sale in Canada for human use.

EquiPulse Equipment Rental Fees are as follows:

(Treatments are Free)

One Whole Body Session $125.00

Charges may vary depending upon distance to your facility.

If we are visiting your stable or barn for the first time

a minimum number treatments may be required.

5 fifteen minute sessions


$32.50 ea

10 fifteen minute sessions


$30.00 ea

20 fifteen minute sessions


$28.50 ea

Pre-paid Rental Packages

Valid for use 2 months from date of first use.

Short Sessions available at $4.00 per minute. A 10 minute minimum is required

Fees and Policies